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Founded in 2006 by Om Malik and acquired by Knowingly in May 2015, GigaOm began as a technology blog and soon grew to become one of the industry’s most respected sources for tech-related news. Its mission is to humanize the impact of technology and to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.


The web, if you haven’t noticed, has a great many errors on it.

These errors are of many varieties: grammatical, spelling, capitalization, factual, and many more. And they are everywhere: The President of the United States’ blog makes a reference to “both sides of the isle” (instead of “aisle”), while the CDC’s website has numerous references to “prostrate cancer” (instead of “prostate cancer”).

Correctica, Knowingly’s web quality product, is designed to find those errors on your website. If our tools were run over the entire web, we estimate they would find around twenty billion errors. These errors lower a website’s quality, are a distraction to readers, and undermine a visitor’s confidence in the material.



iForetold is a new website that allows web users to make predictions about celebrities, current events, politics, and more. Users earn points when they predict answers correctly as they compete for a spot on the leaderboard. This data-driven product finally lets users tell their friends and family, “I Told You So.”